2 practical 1-day Clinics to de-escalate difficult moments

& boost your team's reserves of resilience & positivity

presented by Bill Cropper - The Change Forum

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MAY 19 - Building Resilience at Work

tools to help you & your team build resilience to handle work-stress & set-backs better 

MAY 20 - Defusing Difficult Encounters

Common-sense pointers, tools and verbal tips to help you hose-down hostile moments 

TIMING: 8.30am-4.45pm each day VENUE: Seagulls Resort Belgian Gardens

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Building Resilience at Work

coping with calamity...

Whether it's work-overload, endless changes, unbearable bosses or toxic team-mates, corrosive conversations, caustic culture or ridiculous deadlines, some of us seem to stay cool, calm and collected in the face of such work stress and pressure, regardless. We get on with the job and succeed in the face of odds where many would fail.

The secret is resilience: an emotional state that has a lot to do with well-being, managing stress, team performance and organisational vitality

What's this clinic about?

All teams suffer stress and setbacks. Some blame, hold grudges and wallow in misery. Others bounce-back. That’s resilience. They recover quickly, adapt, adjust and then carry-on. Many of us, though, have trouble handling unsettling situations. We feel helpless or hopeless. This breeds other feelings like cynicism, apathy or anger. We suffer, work suffers and often we seem to make sure other people suffer too.

If we don’t have the resilience, positivity and stamina to come to terms with conflict, controversy or calamity, it leaves us feeling overwhelmed and resentful, it undermines our motivation, derails our sense of direction and robs us of vitality.

Building-up our reserves of resilience simply makes sense. It's a necessity to cope with the increasingly stressful, ever-busier work cultures we inhabit. Individuals benefit from fostering a more mentally-fit, trauma-resistant and well workplace. And ultimately, it makes teams more positive, vital, focused and productive, and less negative and toxic. So organisations benefit too.

“Definitely worth coming along. A really good, engaging and very relevant workshop that placed a high value on building resilience as a core element to a healthy workplace, positive team culture and balanced healthy life. I appreciated new strategies around building and maintaining resilience for self and colleagues and the pocket guide is a terrific handbook to refer back to." Jess, Centacare Brisbane

What You'll Learn

If you're resilient, you're most likely emotionally balanced, mindful, focused, connective and energised; possess a positive outlook on life's up-and-downs, and tend to take stress and setbacks in your stride. And that just about sums up what the 5 Resilience-Builders this program and it’s pocket guide are based on. In this jam-packed 1-day clinic you'll learn how to...


Recognise what resilience is & how it helps you handle stress so you can keep on functioning effectively


Use the Resilience-Tester tool to assess your team's levels of resilience & positivity


Apply 5 Resilience-building strategies to stay focused, emotionally balanced, mindful and stress-resistant 


Work on ways to curb negative outlook, stay positive and be more in control of thoughts and feelings


Remain in your resilience-zone longer and maintain your mental fitness


Identify resilience-builders and drainers, and try out some resilience-building actions to take in your team


Map your emotional response patterns to unsettling events and stay balanced


Talk round barriers and get more attention for, and uptake of, your advice 

Cover-Building Resilience at Work Pocket Guide

Take home our updated Building Resilience at Work Pocket Guide filled with tools, tips and suggested activities for you to try-out back-at-work and build your resilience at work a little bit more every day. Speak to us on the day about ordering additional books for everyone in your team to have a copy.


Is this right for you?

An initial negative response to set-backs is normal. This clinic will benefit anyone who suffers a too-strong-or-too-long response to unsettling situations and needs to work on building more resilience and positivity. It’s also suitable for team leaders who want to learn ways to help their team members cope better with calamity – big or small – and develop strategies to make teams more resilient, resolute and resourceful

Awesome workshop mate... Informative with real, well-researched facts and information provided to support what was being taught clearly linked to our jobs and personal life situations. I was definitely engaged. It all made sense. I feel more capable and got a boost of confidence as well.” 

Les H Housing Officer

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Defusing Difficult Encounters

Common-sense pointers, tools and verbal tips to help you hose-down hostile moments 

As you know from experience, not every situation turns out the way you'd like. Things can turn ugly in seconds, unexpectedly. Even if you can't settle them, resolve the issue constructively or fend off abuse, you can at least work at staying emotionally balanced and calm, try not lose it yourself, and avoid saying or doing anything to escalate their emotions or inflame the situation further.

What's this clinic about?

Whether it’s a hostile parent, agitated customer, worrisome workmate or caustic colleague, navigating touchy situations where conversations get combative, and where one, or both of us, get defensive, argumentative, hostile or aggressive, are often a part of everyday life for us all, no matter how much we wish they weren't.

Handled badly or left unresolved to fester, the residual effects of difficult encounters tend to grow and create more chaos around us.

Instead of avoiding them, which is what most of us do, we all need to learn how to deal better with these types of touchy situations.

We all know what a difficult encounter feels like. They come in all shapes but it's any touchy topic or sticky situation where either of us get heated, hostile, belligerent or abusive.


Inflammatory interactions can keep us awake at night in dread of anticipated conflict, going over what we should say or do, what we should have said or done, or regretting what we did say or do!


They make us feel anxious, upset, hurt, terrified, stressed, resentful, silly, awkward, guilty or emotionally vulnerable, intimidated or disrespected. 


They can lead us to bubble over with anger and outrage or simmer silently in frustration, We agonise over them, weighing up what we might have said differently to get a better result.


And sometimes, they can land us in hot water because our encounter got complained about – whether we think we handled it well enough, or poorly, is often beside the point

"This is a must-do course I'd definitely recommend. Bill explained things very well, kept us all engaged and facilitated some really useful and open discussions on how we've handled difficult experiences" Matt T, Southern Downs Regional Council 

What You'll Learn

Difficult encounters are by nature unpredictable. While there are no set formulas or quick fixes guaranteed to work every time, this course covers some common-sense tools and techniques that we hope can help you defuse and handle them, more calmly, confidently and constructively. 

No matter how professional or conversationally competent we are, or what strategies we try, we all have difficult moments when things don’t go ‘right’ - No matter what strategies we try, how professional we are, or what efforts we make to contain or curtail them, things can get heated and can flare up. 

The aims of Defusing Difficult Encounters are a bit like first-aid

for difficult experiences

It's to help you and your colleagues:


Understand the dynamics behind what goes on in hostile or touchy encounters


Handle difficult moments arising with agitated, upset, hostile, aggressive people


Learn pointers, tools, verbal formulas and tips to help defuse difficult moments


Raise your confidence to handle difficult moments


Maintain emotional balance and stay in quiet control


Look at handling mistakes we make that may escalate and make things worse

Take-away handy-sized pocket guide full of tools and actions you can tap into to build on what we cover in this session.

"Excellent day. Most definitely worth coming along. I’m always interested in team well-being and this was very relevant for me. You kept me very engaged, and the day exceeded my expectations. I definitely learnt lots of extremely useful tools and activities to use that are a great resource to take away and apply to real world situations, and the pocket guide is fabulous. Easy to understand, very engaging and user friendly!” Sandra H Team Leader Parks & Wildlife

Defusing Difficult Encounters

A note to keep in mind...

While we will be looking at situations that are confronting, offensive, provocative, threatening or hostile, we won't be dealing with encounters that go from difficult to dangerous. In any situation where you feel threatened or personally at risk in any way, we recommend you get straight out of harm's way and seek assistance. Most organisations have procedures for these circumstances and we recommend that you are aware of what they are and how they apply in your workplace.

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MAY 19: Building Resilience at Work

MAY 20: Defusing Difficult Encounters

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